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What Is The Difference Between 1st And 2nd Position In A Real Estate Loan?

Posted by Jeff Menke // March 6, 2019

                            A mortgage provides security to the lender in Real Estate transaction. It is recorded at the county courthouse as a lien against the property. When the property is sold, the lender is the first to receive money from the proceeds of […]

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What’s In Store For The U.S. Real Estate Market In 2019?

Posted by blogger // December 20, 2018

Top Predictions for the U.S. Real Estate Market in 2019 Buyers will have a better time. In continuing with the trend in 2018, it is expected that 2019 will be more accommodating for homebuyers. Home prices will begin to find a more even keel as demand comes back down from its frenzy and as homebuilding […]

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So, You Want To Buy A Property Off

Posted by Jeff Menke // November 14, 2018

I purchased a home off of a couple of weeks ago. When I tell people where I found the property that I am renovating the follow-on question is “how do you purchase a property off”.  I am not an expert but am willing to share my limited knowledge. Use this blog to increase […]

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Common Rehabbing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Posted by Jeff Menke // November 1, 2018

Rehabbing can potentially be a significant investment if done correctly. However, to pull off a rehab project successfully it is important to know a few things in regards to rehab. In addition, avoiding investments that would later prove problematic is also important. There are certain things you should keep your eye out for – things, […]

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5 Mistakes You Should Never Repeat Twice

Posted by blogger // October 24, 2018

Everyone in business makes mistakes. When you are self-employed your mistakes tend to sting a little bit more. Instead of explaining yourself to a boss, there is nobody to blame but yourself. Under the right circumstances a mistake can be used a learning experience. However, if you continue to make the same mistake again eventually […]

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Housing Still The Best Investment Tool Of A Lifetime

Posted by Jeff Menke // October 10, 2018

Many people are still wondering whether or not real estate is one of the best investment strategies for long-term wealth building. Is investing in homes still a smart investment for the average individual? Is a home still the best investment of a lifetime for most Americans? If so, why are some pessimists still questioning the rebound […]

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4 Types Of Home Renovation: Which Ones Boost Value?

Posted by blogger // September 26, 2018

“Fix it and flip it” is a phrase often associated with real estate. With this in mind, many homeowners undertake major renovation to their residences before putting them up for sale: Sprucing up the place will always send the sales price soaring, right? Wrong. More often than not, these upgrades fail to pay for themselves. Read […]

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The Five Stages Of The Foreclosure Process

Posted by blogger // August 22, 2018

We have heard this word “foreclosure” all our lives, but do we really understand what this word means or even what it implies? Let’s look at an overview of what foreclosure is and examine the five stages of a residential foreclosure. Simply put, foreclosure is the process by which a homeowner’s rights to a property […]

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What Are HUD Guidelines 24 CFR 206.125?

Posted by blogger // August 15, 2018

HUD Guidelines 24 CFR 206.125 You are interested in a home and in the listing agents remarks you read: Property is being sold subject to HUD Guidelines 24 CFR 206.125. You immediately say to yourself “What does that mean?.” You then pick up the phone and call your REALTOR (if you are working with one already) or […]

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A Low Credit Score Costs Home Buyers Big—Here’s How Much

Posted by blogger // August 1, 2018

With skyrocketing home prices and rising mortgage rates, many home buyers are frantically looking for ways to cut down on costs wherever they can. But in one area, it makes sense to ramp up spending, experts say—paying off old bills, debts, and credit cards. That’s because a very good credit score can save home buyers […]

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