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What Are HUD Guidelines 24 CFR 206.125?

Posted by blogger // August 15, 2018

HUD Guidelines 24 CFR 206.125 You are interested in a home and in the listing agents remarks you read: Property is being sold subject to HUD Guidelines 24 CFR 206.125. You immediately say to yourself “What does that mean?.” You then pick up the phone and call your REALTOR (if you are working with one already) or […]

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A Low Credit Score Costs Home Buyers Big—Here’s How Much

Posted by blogger // August 1, 2018

With skyrocketing home prices and rising mortgage rates, many home buyers are frantically looking for ways to cut down on costs wherever they can. But in one area, it makes sense to ramp up spending, experts say—paying off old bills, debts, and credit cards. That’s because a very good credit score can save home buyers […]

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Should I Buy or Rent?

Posted by Jeff Menke // May 16, 2018

I had a discussion the other day with a friend of mine about should a young person buy or rent a property to live in.  The answer is rather complex and consist of many factors including financial and emotional. It also depends on what stage of life you are currently in.  My final conclusion might […]

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Tax Benefits To Being A Homeowner (2018 And Moving Forward!)

Posted by Jeff Menke // April 18, 2018

I was looking for information on the tax benefit of being a home owner and came across an article about the tax benefits before the recent tax changes that are going into effect for 2018 and beyond. I was looking for the tax laws in place for 2018 but also realize many people are still […]

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Why A House Is Still A Solid Investment

Posted by Jeff Menke // March 7, 2018

To buy or not to buy? This question looms on every American during his or her lifetime. Buying a home is usually a big task since it requires at least some down payment, mortgage paperwork and substantial monthly payments for many years to come. Renting vs Owning Many Americans start thinking that renting a house […]

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How To Choose A Perfect Real Estate Agent

Posted by Jeff Menke // February 28, 2018

Whatever you are planning to do with real estate, be it buying, selling or investing, you need a solid team. Most real estate investors know exactly what they need in a real estate agent. You want that person to be perfect. However, choosing one can be a tough task. All of such agents present themselves […]

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It Is Time To Fall In Love Again…. With Your House!

Posted by Jeff Menke // December 27, 2017

Last week my wife and I were having discussion about should we sell our house or not. We loved the house when we originally had the house built.  However, after 15 plus years, we have lost our affection to our house.  With the New Year coming, we have decided that 2018 is the time for […]

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This Is Why Curb Appeal Is So Important

Posted by Jeff Menke // November 29, 2017

When you’re selling your house, first impressions can make or break a deal, just like it works with a job interview or the first date. And you have only one chance to make this impression. Designers and real estate agents use the term curb appeal when they talk about home exterior that home buyers can […]

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Top 5 Tips For An Easy Downsizing

Posted by Jeff Menke // November 15, 2017

  Moving to a smaller house is arguably one of the most stressful events in life. You have to adapt to new circumstances and forget about spacious rooms. Luckily, there are simple ways to make your downsizing easier. Of course, you should declutter your home from time to time, but decluttering before moving out is […]

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Increase Your Credit Score With These 4 Tactics

Posted by blogger // November 3, 2017

If you have a big purchase coming up or you’re often turned down for loans, you’re probably trying to find ways to improve your credit score. The world of credit ratings is full of misunderstanding and confusion – no surprise many people get it wrong so often. For example, just a 50-point score increase can […]

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